At The Mindful Heart, our counseling and nutrition practitioners are committed to helping you meet your goals. Whether it is creating a stronger relationship, overcoming a personal struggle, or living a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help.

Meet our Therapists:

Rachel Singer

Rachel is devoted to helping children, adolescents, adults and families achieve their life goals and improve their relationships. Her professional experience is varied and includes working as a Response-Team Advocate with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault; a Mental Health Therapist at a juvenile detention center; a Clinical Social Worker at a neighborhood medical clinic; and a Therapist at an adolescent substance abuse treatment center.

Rachel founded The Mindful Heart in 2012.

Dr. Lauren Messina

Lauren believes in everyone’s ability to make positive changes in their lives. She is dedicated to helping clients build strong families and healthy relationships. Her professional experiences include providing play therapy to children ages 5-11 years old; working with teens and young adults on issues such as depression, anxiety, family conflict, social/dating skills, academic/career concerns, and providing therapy and counseling to adults and couples.

Lauren joined The Mindful Heart in 2014.

Kelly Kolyer

Kelly is focused on helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.  Her professional experience includes work as a therapist at a residential treatment center for adolescents who were both victims and perpetrators of sexual assault; a social worker completing assessments and crisis intervention at a juvenile detention center; and a community-based outpatient mental health therapist focused on providing a variety of services to individuals and families.

Kelly joined The Mindful Heart in 2016.

C. Andrew Conway

Andrew is dedicated to supporting children, adolescents, adults, and families as they work to build strong and happy lives. Andrew was trained at the University of Maryland and Yale University, where he became proficient in play therapy, trauma-informed, attachment, and cognitive-behavioral modalities. He was part of the clinical faculty at the Yale Child Study Center, working in an intensive in-home psychotherapy model for youth ages 3 to 18 with mental health diagnoses. Andrew also worked as a social worker in the Yale New Haven Hospital Emergency Department, providing crisis intervention and assessment for children and adults.

Andrew joined The Mindful Heart in 2017.

Lindsey Foss

Lindsey emphasizes a holistic approach to mental health, centered on the premise complete wellness involves balancing mind, body, spirit, and relationships. Her professional experiences include working with adolescents and their families, helping couples enrich their relationships, and providing play therapy for children with their parents. Prior to becoming a therapist, Lindsey was an educator, so she enjoys collaborating with schools to provide the best care possible.

Lindsey joined The Mindful Heart in 2019.

Nina Tracy

Nina believes that the best way to support her clients is by meeting them where they are in their journey. Building trust and confidence is key in the therapeutic relationship and that is something she strives to do with all of her clients. Her professional experience includes working with families where addiction is present, working individually with children, teens, and young adults, as well as couples. As a trained family therapist, Nina approaches her work from a systems perspective whether working with a whole family or an individual.

Nina joined The Mindful Heart in 2019.

Jennifer Schwartz

Jennifer is dedicated to providing her clients with the support needed to overcome challenges, build self-esteem, make positive changes, achieve goals, and improve relationships. Her professional experience includes: working as a child abuse and neglect Investigative Social Worker for Montgomery County Child Welfare Services, and a Custody Evaluator for the Montgomery Circuit Court evaluating children and families in complex custody cases. Prior to graduating from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in 2007, she was a School Social Work intern at various elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in Michigan.

Jennifer joined The Mindful Heart in 2020.

Ilene Marto Atiyah

Ilene is passionate about supporting her clients to live a life worth living and balancing acceptance and change. Her experience includes working with adolescents, young adults, and their families supporting them with their mental health and relationship challenges. She is foundationally trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and believes in a warm, collaborative, solution-focused, and strength-based approach.

Ilene joined The Mindful Heart in 2020.

Meet our Nutritionists:

Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer is dedicated to providing comprehensive holistic nutritional services and overall health and wellness support to clients. Her professional experience includes working in several healthcare settings. She is a firm believer that whole food nutrition and healthy living are the primary means to achieving overall health and is passionate about guiding patients on their path to wellness.

Jennifer joined The Mindful Heart in 2014.

Mindy Greenside

Mindy uses a holistic approach to promote healing and wellness for clients and their families. She is particularly interested in the ways in which food affects mood, weight, and energy. Her thirty-five years of professional experience has focused primarily on women’s health care including midwifery, antenatal and postnatal care, family planning education, nutrition advocacy, and lactation and diabetes counseling.

Mindy joined The Mindful Heart in 2015.


We look forward to speaking with you and are eager to begin our work together.