About Brad

I work with individuals, parents and families. My areas of specialization include: ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, executive functioning, addiction, autism spectrum disorder, navigating neurodivergent ways of being, grief and loss, trauma, schizophrenia and psychosis. I offer a relatable approach, centered on client identified goals, and use various modalities, such as CBT, and psychodynamic theories to help you achieve your goals

My counseling approach emphasizes how all individuals have the capabilities to live life authentically and with reduced stress. My goal is to help you utilize your strengths to achieve positive self-change and growth through the many transitions in life.

I understand that anxiety and depression can greatly impact your quality of life, and make it hard to engage in a fulfilling and meaningful daily experience. With the mental health services that I have to offer, you can learn to cope better with past, current, and even future problems, so that you may achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is my deeply-held belief that utilizing a collaborative, adaptable, and individualized treatment approach is essential in identifying the underlying causes of challenges facing my clients.

Our work together will aim to transform negative thoughts and emotions into more adaptive and healthy ones that promote positive desired change. Through empathic listening, grounding techniques, and challenging negative thoughts, I hope to collaborate in helping you accomplish your desired outcome. I can’t wait to work with you!

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling to new places, exercise, watching sports, classic cars and spending time with my family and friends.

MSW, Catholic University – Social Work (Clinical Concentration)

Trauma, addiction, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, social skill development, emotional regulation issues, autism spectrum disorder, neurodivergence, executive functioning, psychosis, severe and persistent mental illness, failure to launch, parent coaching and family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and mindfulness-based approaches

Office Locations:
Bethesda and Silver Spring

Maryland: LMSW 21445
DC: LICSW – LC200002201

Connect with Brad:

Phone: (301) 960-3955

Email: hello@TheMindfulHeartLLC.com

Psychology Today: www.PsychologyToday.com